Ref. Code: AM124


This is a  must have for any Absinthor.

Sometimes called "Auto Pourer" by Cusenier, due to the movement of the lever during use. This piece is intended to be used for a single portion. 

To use it, you should first pour a dose of absinthe into an absinthe glass (the quantity depends on the glass used), then place a spoon on on the edge and a piece of sugar on the spoon. The swing is then placed on the edge of the glass and on the spoon, the lever is located above the piece of sugar. Ice and water are then added inside the tank. Once the water starts to pass through a small hole at the bottom of the tank, it flows over the lever which creates a swing motion distributing water across the piece of sugar, falling into the glass of absinth. All absinths should be made according to personal preference. Add more water or sugar if you prefer. Take off and enjoy. 
The legs can be carefully adjusted to fit a variety of glasses.

Absinthe pendulum