Italian version - used, in excellent condition

Grappe e Liquorini dalla distilleria di Fratel Agostino

Browsing through the pages: Among ancient stories and traditional methods, we rediscover the skills of these masters of the past: the Benedictine monks. In this way we walk the paths of the history of this ancient craft, the traditional liquor. The methods to create these drinks still very popular today, with an important insight into the art of distillation.

The volume is colorful and light, rich and easy to browse. Every curiosity receives an answer, leaning on orderly cards that fill or encourage you to deepen even more this art that lasts over time. It is a book for a special gift, for those who love to end their days chatting with friends, drinking happily all together. An important thought to keep at home, if you want to test it, creating drinks with an ancient and timeless flavor.


Grappe e Liquorini

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