Ref. Code: 15-92-170

Manufacturer: John Artis


These large capacity glasses are designed to enhance the tasting experience of even the most full bodied fine wines. The large bowl and narrow rim combine to develop and then retain the nose while the extensive surface area enhances oxygenation.


Luigi Bormioli

Beautiful award winning designs, elegance and strength are some of the features that make Luigi Bormioli crystal so special. The collection has been developed to provide a superior, resonant, blown glass in a quality and purity rivalling that of lead crystal. State of the art SON.hyx technology is used to produce a slender yet extremely strong drawn stem that achieves the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. The fine beadless rim on a Luigi Bormioli glass has been heat treated to strengthen it and all the glasses are dishwasher proof.


Magnifico Crystal Wine 12.25oz/35cl