Ref. Code: CRS1550


 Designed to spray a fine mist of liquid, the dispenser allows you to control the amount of liquid you use.

  • Before use please wash all components in warm water.
  • Fill base container with chosen liquid (80ml) - which is roughly half full.
  • Liquid should have no small pieces, to avoid any clogging.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not overfill container as this will stop your spray from working.
  • Once base container is half full, replace your fine spray nozzle and tighten securely.
  • With pump head on spray nozzle, pump five times or until resistance is experienced.
  • The spray is now ready to use.


Ideal for use with liquids that do not have solids/bits in them:

  • Water
  • Cooking oils
  • Vinegars
  • Dressings (clear)
  • Flavoured oils
  • Care & Maintenance:
  • Base container with nozzle and rim removed is top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Hand wash only all other components.
  • Clean thoroughly between refills ensuring clean water is sprayed through the nozzle to prevent blockages.



  • Height: 182mm
  • Diameter: 50mm

Professional Atomiser Mist Spray Bottle (80ml)