Ref. Code: AM114


Gorgeous and stylish stainless steel filter made of top quality 304 stainless steel which prevents rusts and makes it very durable. The great aspect is that there is no more need for a paper filter as the number of meshes is very high which means more number of holes, therefore the finer particles filtered out (800 holes per square inch with a size of 15 micrometers). Ideal for filtering coffee and cocktails such as milk punches. Dimensions: 14cm/5.5 inch diameter top 8.5cm/3.35inch heigh 10cm/3.94inch diamter base Please clean the filter immediately after use, clearly if you leave the coffee inside, it cools down and becomes more difficult to wash, and the filter may be affected. Please rinse it with clear water, do not scratch it with objects hard, so as not to damage and affect the use! You can also use vinegar or lemonade to clean the coffee stainer.

Stainless steel fine filter