Michelin star chef Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, the co-creators and masterminds behind the esteemed restaurant Alinea in Chicago, have teamed up with California artist duo Allen and Sarah Hemberger to publish an extraordinary book called The Aviary Cocktail Book.

The result of the collaboration is stunning. The Aviary Cocktail Book contains over 440 pages with 115 recipes created by the chefs, bartenders and ice chefs of The Aviary, accompanied by thousands of beautiful images. 


In 2011, Achatz and Kokonas opened an innovative, unconventional cocktail bar called The Aviary on Fulton Market in Chicago. Elevating the approach to complex, cocktail concoctions, they set the bar way higher for everyone else. Every cocktail on the menu is made with precision and a level of detail unlike anything seen before: visually dramatic and breathtaking, serving a little piece of theatre performed tableside. From puffs of smoke to pillows of scent captured and released from ziplock bags, to hand-sculpted, flavored ice cubes, each cocktail is truly a work of art. The duo have since opened The Aviary NYC on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, where the signature Wake and Bake cocktail comes wrapped up in a bag that when sliced open releases the aroma of an everything bagel.


The Aviary Cocktail Book