Italian version - used, in excellent condition

Here is a complete, easy and original wine manual. How to choose an excellent bottle of wine? What are the aromas of wine? How to combine food and wine in an ideal way?

Agile, easy to approach and highly practical, this book is anything but boring and shabby, far from the seriousness of a certain world of wine and some sommeliers, thanks to a brilliant text (the pen of the French blogger Miss GlouGlou) and to funny or ironic illustrations (by Yannis Varoutsikos). You can read, based on a path that illustrates the essential principles of wine service, wine tasting, the genesis of a bottle - from the vineyard to the table - and the purchase of wine, or consult freely, depending on of the needs or inspiration of the moment. Practical ideas, relaxed and fun tones, lightness: a new way to talk about wine that will fascinate both the enthusiast and ... the aspiring connoisseur. original title: '' Le Vin c'est pas sorcier '' (2013).


Vino manuale per aspiranti intenditori

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